Friday, 24 August 2012

Cycle Cameras

I have just been reading this round up of the cycle cameras on the market by Martin Porter QC (The Cycling Silk) and I may now be a convert. It is clearly a shame that cyclists feel the need to record their ride from a safety point of view, as it should be unnecessary. It is also only a small step away from carrying a video camera all day to record everything, and I can think of no more awful way to live. However, the practical benefit of having a cycle camera, if you are involved in a cycle accident, is unquestionable. Despite the proliferation of CCTV cameras, particularly around London, it is surprising how often they are not there when you need them (or the footage has been deleted).

Thankfully it is rare, but there are times when an injured cyclist cannot continue with their case due to a lack of evidence. The fact that they are the exception is of no comfort to the injured cyclist who must discontinue their case when, had they been recording their journey, their case could have been successful. Even in stronger cases, footage of the incident can avoid a battle over liability and help the injured cyclist to get compensation quicker. On a similar note, a client of mine was recording his ride with GPS, which was useful in allowing him to prove his road positioning at the time of his accident. Perhaps, then, a camera with inbuilt GPS is the way forward...I will keep you updated.