Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Open letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Mr Johnson

I was saddened to hear of the second cycling fatality at the Bow roundabout. The recent spate of cycling deaths must warrant a focused look at the current climate of cycling in London.

The attitude shown by the police, the civil courts and your own policies is indicative of a motorcentric society, and leaves much to be desired. For instance, TFL cited “traffic flow” as a priority over the welfare of cyclists in deciding whether measures were to be taken to improve safety at Blackfriars Bridge. This same attitude was illustrated by the police constable investigating the death of a cyclist who was hit by a lorry, who stated that he was “unaware of anything which could be done” to prevent such accidents. The notion that we cannot prevent the death of a cyclist by a lorry is unacceptable and inaccurate. We can restrict the times HGVs can come into Central London. We can change hazardous junctions. We can fit mirrors to the front and near-side of HGVs to avoid the blind spots which have caused so many fatalities.

The deaths from the London bombings on 7 July lead to strong action which whittled away our personal liberties by opening up the right of the police to stop and search, allowing the detainment of suspects without charge for 28 days and curtailing the right to protest. The tragic deaths of cyclists must carry the same weight as tragic deaths caused by terrorism, and action must follow. The lives of the Londoners who died in the bombings on July 7th can never be replaced, but the lives of the Londoners who have since died in cycling accidents could have been saved.

Yours sincerely

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  1. It takes a mere two months to rack up as many deaths of pedestrians on our roads as there have been deaths from terrorism since 2000. Funny how we are subjected to substantial loss of civil liberty, huge inconvenience and delay at airports etc, for what amounts to an almost insignificant (relatively) casulaty count, but nothin much is done about road safety.

    Can Boris et not be sued for their actions or inactions alongside the drivers/operators of the vehiucles which have kileld thses people?