Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ground breaking decision in criminal court following fatal cycling accident

The results of the criminal proceedings against Alex Dexter and Lauren Mellish have today been announced, for their role in the death of cyclist, Steven Rodway, who was killed while training for a charity bike ride. The cycling accident occurred in Essex, shortly after 7pm on 13 June 2010. Alex Dexter pleaded guilty to one count of causing death by careless driving, one count of causing death while uninsured and one count of causing death without having a driving licence, and he has been jailed for 15 months.

Lauren Mellish was also jailed for six months to reflect her part in the accident, as she had lent Dexter her car, although she knew he was not insured to drive it. This is believed to be the first time there has been a conviction in the UK for aiding and abetting another person to drive without insurance.

Both Dexter and Mellish were also disqualified from driving for three years and ordered to take extended driving tests before reapplying for their licences.

Senior Investigating Officer, Inspector Keith Whiting, said: "Alex Dexter drove the car without a licence or insurance and with the full knowledge of the owner, his then girlfriend, Lauren Mellish. They showed a disregard for people's safety, with their actions resulting in the death of Steven who was simply out riding his bike on a Sunday afternoon. They have taken the life of a young man who was a loving father and husband. They got out of the car and made up a story to cover themselves, without offering Steven any assistance. I have never known such callous actions at the scene of a fatal collision. I would like to thank Marrissa and rest of Steven's family for the support they have given the investigation team. My officers have completed a meticulous investigation resulting in the first prosecution of this kind nationally. I hope this prosecution sends a strong message to anyone who lends their car to someone unlawfully."

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